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RashEndZ, Inc. joins USF Tampa Bay Technology Incubator

February 19, 2014

Life sciences company has developed a new technology to treat and prevent diaper rash and bedsores

By Meagan Eng

TAMPA, Fla. – RashEndZ, Inc. has joined the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator, part of USF CONNECT, at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Founded in 2012 in St. Petersburg, Fla., RashEndZ, Inc. produces a patented therapeutic diaper liner technology for the treatment of diaper rash and bedsores in bedridden patients. Irritant diaper dermatitis, incontinence associated dermatitis and decubitus ulcers—all treated by RashEndZ’s technology— can affect patients from newborns to seniors.

“Our RashEndZ technology and new Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy is a game changer for millions of patients and their families,” said Nigel Parker, president of RashEndZ, Inc.

RashEndZ’s technology uniquely provides oxygen to diapered or bandaged patients, accelerating healing and significantly improving ulcer and dermatitis prevention. Current care protocols, which focus principally on topical chemical therapies, have had limited treatment success and provide no prevention.

The company serves hospitals, special care nurseries and long-term care facilities where its technology can immediately aid in the prevention and care of numerous skin diagnoses.

“RashEndZ provides a quick rate of healing with no discomfort or safety risks to patients,” said Parker. “In addition to the relief to patients, using the device reduces bed-stays, resulting in significant financial cost savings to the health care system.”