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USF announces four new certifications for Research Administrators

August 29, 2014

A brand-new online curriculum is included in the new program for university employees

By Elizabeth Foster, CRA-USF
TRAIN Facilitator

TAMPA, Fla. – The University of South Florida has announced four new certifications available to employees who serve as research administrators. USF research administrators can now earn the designation of Certified Research Administrator at USF (CRA-USF) through a new online curriculum.

"CRA-USF certification demonstrates an exceptional level of commitment to excellence in research administration at USF," said Dr. Paul R. Sanberg, USF's senior vice president for research and innovation. "It strengthens employees' credentials and increases their credibility in the field of research administration."

Employees may select from four new certification options: CRA-USF/Basic, CRA-USF/Pre-Award, CRA-USF/Post-Award, and CRA-USF/Advanced. All four options require the completion of certification-specific online curriculum modules. In addition to the online portion, the Pre- and Post-Award and Advanced certifications require certification-specific classroom lab sessions for hands-on skill practice and competency development.

The new online curriculum was developed and vetted by research administrators throughout the USF System and is available through USF's e-learning management system, canvas. More than 100 USF research administrators have already earned the basic certification through the previous classroom-only program.

"The CRA-USF stands apart from other research administration certifications in that the curriculum is USF-centric, focusing on the business systems, processes, best practices, tools, resources, and forms endorsed and used by USF," said Elizabeth Foster, facilitator for THE RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION IMPROVEMENT NETWORK (TRAINĀ®).

"The new designation is in line with other nationally recognized academic and professional credentialing in the field," said Foster. "With these four new certifications, USF continues to be a leader in cutting edge research administration education."

To enroll or for questions, contact Elizabeth Foster at 813-974-3571 or

More information about the CRA-USF can be found in the CRA-USF 2014-2015 Course Catalogue.