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STEM Genesis joins USF’s Tampa Bay Technology Incubator to advance technology development and commercialization

October 15, 2014

Technologies include drug delivery system and method of capturing marine energy.

TAMPA, Fla. – STEM Genesis, LLC, has joined the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator, part of USF CONNECT at the University of South Florida.

“STEM Genesis identifies, develops, and commercializes early-stage technologies to help research make it past the university laboratory setting and into the marketplace,” said Dr. Michael Muthig, STEM Genesis president and CEO. “We focus on technologies that have moderate to high revenue potential, the ability to create new companies and high-tech jobs, and a commercialization path that has the potential of providing a solid return on investments for our stakeholders.”

Muthig and Jennifer Metz founded STEM Genesis ( in 2014. Muthig has nearly 30 years of experience in technology commercialization with government labs, universities, private companies, and individual inventors. Metz has an extensive background in small business, entrepreneurial development, market research, and marketing.

The STEM Genesis portfolio currently includes three technologies. One is the PlazMed™ Drug Delivery System, which uses a charged stream of electrons to enhance delivery of drugs into target cells. “Such technology can open the door to new and more efficient treatments for cancer and infectious diseases,” said Muthig.

The second technology, the PlazMed™ Hair Removal System, is a patented technology that uses a stream of non-thermal electric current to remove hair. According to the STEM Genesis website, testing shows the technology is painless and causes no skin irritation or damage.

The third technology is the MudPowerTM Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC), which harnesses energy produced by microorganisms in marine sediments. “Currently used battery packs tend to be heavy and need to be replaced often. MFCs offer the potential for long term use of marine instruments in addition to the potential for enormous savings over the life of an instrument,” said Muthig.

The company establishes proof of concept, builds prototypes, and validates performance for young projects. Once potential risk is reduced through such testing, STEM Genesis uses private sources of capital, along with government funding, to advance a technology’s development. “Through our technology testing and risk assessment, we can increase a technology’s value, and attract commercialization partners,” said Muthig.

“The new partnership with STEM Genesis provides a platform to accelerate development, testing and commercialization of technologies from USF,” said Stephanie Ashley, USF Director of Innovation and Incubation Programs. “As part of the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator, STEM Genesis will have access to otherwise costly research equipment and facilities, as well as mentors to help them grow as a company.”

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