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Research administrators from the University of South Florida recognized

April 20, 2015

TRAIN’s annual award luncheon celebrates excellence in research administration at USF

TAMPA, Fla. – The University of South Florida shined the spotlight on research administrators at the sixth annual TRAIN® Award Luncheon, on April 2, 2015, at Embassy Suites Hotel in the USF Research Park on the Tampa campus. The event celebrates excellence in research administration, recognizing the significant contributions and accomplishments of research administrators throughout the USF System.

The mission of TRAIN® (The Research Administration Improvement Network) is to build the research support infrastructure by enhancing the professional competencies of those who contribute to the research enterprise, implementing training and education, improving business processes and reporting, and enhancing communication within the research community.

Four recognition award categories were presented this year:

Sarah Martin was honored as the 2014 recipient of the university’s single most distinguished award for excellence in research administration at USF, the TRAIN® Award. Martin, a unit research administrator with in the College of Arts and Sciences, joined USF in 2011. She was nominated by Dr. James Garey, chair of the Department of Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology. Martin received the award in recognition of her exceptional dedication and outstanding commitment to the university’s research administration enterprise, extraordinary contributions in support of the TRAIN® mission, and high standards and excellence in research administration at USF.

Seven USF research administrators were recognized as nominees for the 2014 TRAIN® Award for Excellence in Research Administration at USF: Erin Bhagvat, Ryan Jahn, Julie Kuhn, Kristene Manning, Sarah Martin, Julie Moore and Janice Walker.

The 46 USF research administrators who participated in the curriculum development and implementation of the Certified Research Administrator at USF (CRA-USF) program received recognition for their valuable contributions as TRAIN® Associates: Keith Anderson, Victoria Barnhart, Laura Beagles, Erin Bhagvat, Aaron Burstein, John Cannon, Karen Chervenick, Jaime Davis, Kimberly Davis, David Doyle, Robert Fortune, Anne Gallacher, Lew-Anne Gordon, Chanda Haywood, Kate Head, John Heatley, Sandra Justice, Julie Kuhn, Shane Linkous, Karen Mann, Kristene Manning, Sarah Martin, Michael Melanson, Brian Middaugh, Amber Moore, Julie Moore, Julie Moore, Heather Morr, Donna Morrison, Laura Pape, Mary Parrish, Nina Pemberton, Marsha Pesch, Michelle Phillips, Elida Porro, Kimberly Read, Janet Reyes, Stephanie Rios, Reginald Robinson, Amy Rollie, Judy Sommers, Sheryl Stire, Anita Thompson, Grace Wang, Jian Wang, Michelle Webster, and Courtney Wildeboer.

19 TRAIN® Associates received Ambassador Awards for their exceptional service in developing and teaching the advanced-level certification courses: Victoria Barnhart, Laura Beagles, Erin Bhagvat, Jaime Davis, David Doyle, Robert Fortune, Anne Gallacher, John Heatley, Sandra Justice, Julie Kuhn, Karen Mann, Kristene Manning, Sarah Martin, Mary Parrish, Elida Porro, Kimberly Read, Janet Reyes, Sheryl Stire, and Grace Wang.

Dr. Kevin Yee and Dr. Nicole West with the Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ATLE) were recognized for their partnership with TRAIN®, which led to the successful and timely development of the new online CRA-USF courses using USF’s eLearning system, Canvas.

Academy of Certified Research Administrators at USF

125 USF employees were inducted into the Academy of Certified Research Administrators at USF. Members of the Academy are employees who have earned the Certified Research Administer at USF (CRA-USF) credential, the Graduate Certificate in Research Administration (GCRA) or a certificate from the Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC).

The Academy’s mission is to recognize research administration as a respected profession; enhance the visibility of the pivotal role that research administrators have in USF’s success as a high impact, global research university; and to encourage a passion for excellence in research administration.

A complete copy of the event program may be viewed here: USF TRAIN Award Luncheon Program, April 2, 2015.

2014-2015 Inductees

  • Dominique Abrahams
  • Keith Anderson
  • Brett Annette
  • Angela Aungst
  • Nancy Bangston
  • Lorraine Barnett
  • Victoria Barnhart
  • Juliette Baron-Decae
  • Monica Batistapau
  • Laura Beagles
  • Janeen Beals
  • Kerianne Beckford
  • Holly Behrend
  • Danisha Benjamin
  • Erin Bhagvat
  • Rebekah Birum
  • Florence Boddupalli
  • Cathryn Branch
  • Aaron Burstein
  • Connie Carr
  • Heather Clark
  • Sherri Cloer
  • Marydalia Daley
  • Michele Danielson
  • Jaime Davis
  • Paul DeCosta
  • Marlene DeJesus
  • Daniel Diaz
  • Khoa Dinh
  • William Donahue
  • Leigh Donharl
  • Judi Dorn
  • Kelly Douglass
  • David Doyle
  • Julia Dunn
  • Joie Eckert
  • Karen Edwards
  • Jonathan Elder
  • Robert Fortune
  • Elizabeth Foster
  • Tameika Fraser
  • Anne Gallacher
  • Deborah Gee
  • Deedra Gibson
  • Sue Girling
  • Lew-Anne Gordon
  • Sherry Harlan
  • Pamela Harris
  • Karen Haubenstock
  • John Heatley
  • Annalisa Heig
  • Brandy Heinrich
  • Desiree Cuesta Henderson
  • Maricel Hernandez
  • Nancy Holloway
  • Alma Hurd
  • Mai Huynh
  • Ryan Jahn
  • John Johnson
  • Sandra Justice
  • Anesia Kelly
  • Eric Kern
  • Kelly Kirby
  • Cynthia Kish
  • Julie Kuhn
  • Danielle Lanphier
  • Anne Marie Little
  • Tracy Magnan
  • Karen Mann
  • Kristene Manning
  • Sarah Martin
  • Julie McCoy
  • Michael Melanson
  • Inger Mills
  • Rebecca Miro, Ph.D.
  • Amber Moore
  • Heather Morr
  • Donna Morrison
  • Jennifer Morse
  • Shawna Neckar
  • Laura Pape
  • Mary Parrish
  • Nina Pemberton
  • Michelle Phillips
  • Stella Polycarpou
  • Elida Porro
  • Christopher Prinzel
  • Betty Rahn
  • Agnes Ramirez
  • Mary Ramos
  • Reena Raturi
  • Kimberly Read
  • Nichole Reed
  • Janet Reyes
  • Katherine Ringo
  • Stephanie Rios
  • Reginald Robinson<
  • Kenneth Rodriguez
  • Lourdes Rodriguez
  • Shannon Salvog
  • Paula Sandusky
  • Ana Santos
  • Edward Schoening
  • Terri Shaw
  • Judy Skypack
  • Sheryl Stire
  • Tawania St. John
  • Megan Suhr
  • Arlene Swartz
  • Arthur Thomas
  • Laurel Thomas
  • Anita Thompson
  • Jessica Trotter
  • Laurence Vandeyar
  • Janice Walker
  • Corinne Walters
  • Grace Wang
  • Jian Wang
  • Lady Washington
  • Panida Webb, Ph.D.
  • Courtney Wildeboer
  • Lynn Wilkinson
  • Coni Williams
  • Dena-Rose Wilson
  • Trudy Wittenberg

TRAIN® is a service of USF Research & Innovation and located in the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research, Innovation & Economic Development. For more information on becoming a member of the Academy of Certified Research Administrators at USF, contact Elizabeth Foster, Program Manager, at or 813.974.6081 or visit the TRAIN web page.