Technology Transfer / Patents & Licensing

Potential Start-Up Companies

At the Office of Technology Transfer, one of our primary goals is to foster the growth of new businesses based on University of South Florida research. We work with inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors to create successful transitions from innovation to new enterprise.

Listed below are preselected technologies which are positioned for start-up company opportunities. (All technology flyers are provided in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format.)

Infrastructure Testing and Repair Tech ID #
These technologies have been developed to address the country's infrastructure. Methods have been developed to improve construction reliability, and repair and test aging structures, such as bridges, pipelines, and roadways.  
Location Aware Technologies
This group of technologies may be integrated into systems that utilize GPS resulting in improved performance. The technologies perform functions such as increasing battery life and optimizing data transfer.  
Optimizing Performance of Location-Aware Applications using State Machines 07B080
Distributed and Decentralized Location-Aware Architecture 09B077
RSV Technologies
Intranasal Chitosan-DNA Nanospheres Protect Against Acute RSV Infection 01B052
Protein Kinase-C as a Target for the Treatment of Respiratory Syncytial Virus 02A024
STAT Inhibitors for Treatment of RSV Infection 03B110
Spinal Devices
This group of technologies focusses on implantable devices and methods for spinal surgery and repair.  
Prosthesis for Spine Discs with Fusion Capability - Patent #: 8,110,003 04A059
New Cervical Plating System for Improved Spinal Fixation - US Patent # 7,963,980 06A015
Asymmetric Disc Distracting Cage 07B090
Resource Recovery and Energy Generation Systems Using Bioreactor Technology
The USF research team has developed several related technologies in this area with the prototype development of one system almost complete.  
USF High Efficiency Reactor (USF_HER) 14A032
A Compact System for Decentralized Sanitation and Waste Resource Recovery 14A041
A Passive Membrane Photobioreactor for Cultivating Microalgae 14B106
Waste / Biomaterials to Fuel
This group of technologies focusses on the production of liquid fuels, such as diesel and jet fuel. The USF research team has developed processes utilizing methane reforming technology and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis to efficiently produce liquid hydrocarbon fuels. Novel catalysts have been developed.  
Systems and Methods for Producing Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels 12B129
Eggshell Catalyst and Method of its Preparation 09B084
Holographic Camera and Related Optics
These technologies utilize holographic techniques to capture an image. A single shot data capture may be processed at a later time to obtain an image at a desired depth of field. The user may select the foreground to be in focus or the background to be in focus or any region in between to be in focus when processing the data.  
Incoherent Digital Holographic Adaptive Optics 12A040
Single-shot Incoherent Digital Holography Using Off-axis Configuration 13B183
Method of Acquiring Holographic Three-Dimensional Images Using a Diffractive Filter 14B101
Statistical Analysis / Strategies Software
These technologies are various statistical methods and problem solving solutions implemented using novel algorithms.  
Reformulation and Decomposition Method for Bilevel Mixed Integer Programs 14A094
Systems and Methods for Dynamic of Statistical Analysis of Data Sets 14B111
Red Tide Technologies
Detection of Florida Red Tide Organisms by Nucleic Acid Amplification 02B088
Detection of Polyketide Synthetase Gene Expression in Karenia brevis 05B070
Other Technologies
Novel Classes of Anti-Cancer Compounds for Modulating Bcl-2 proteins 08A013
SHIP Inhibition to Enhance Transplantation and Hematopoiesis 00B053 03A042 03B078 07A042
B-lactams Technologies 01A032 99B058 05A047 06A017 06B096 07B118