Limited Submissions

Limited Submissions

NOTE: While the Research Office makes every effort to list all limited submission programs on the website, programs may exist that are limited but not in our list. To search for all limited submissions, search in Pivot and select "Internal Coordination Required."

The Mary Kay Foundation - Translational Research Grant Application
Description: Your grant proposal will be reviewed by a Scientific Research Review Committee. The Research Review Committee is composed of noted members of the American medical and scientific community. It is our hope that you will identify and encourage the appropriate person within your Institution to complete the application. Only one grant application will be accepted from each accredited school. The grant will be up to $100,000 (combined direct and indirect costs) for a two-year period. If indirect costs are requested, they cannot exceed 15%. If selected, the funds will be paid in two payments. The first payment will be after receipt of the executed contract. The second payment will be mailed following receipt of the first year status report. The Foundation anticipates funding between ten and fifteen grants.

Restrictions: The Mary Kay Foundation is a non-profit public foundation, which focuses on funding research for innovative grants for translational research in ovarian, uterine, breast or cervical cancer. Translational research is broadly defined as research that will provide a scientific link between laboratory research and the clinic. Ultimately, such research would lead to improvement in diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, or treatment of the cancer. The Foundation is pleased to invite your institution to submit one grant proposal.

Internal Deadline: 12/6/2019
Agency Deadline: 2/7/2020

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