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SII Entrepreneurs

The student entrepreneurs featured here were selected from a pool of more than 40 applicants from across campus to be in the first round of businesses served by the USF Student Innovation Incubator (SII). These students are from the Colleges of Engineering, Business and Arts and Sciences, Morsani College of Medicine and Patel College of Global Sustainability.

Class of 2016-2017


2tor is committed to making tutors easily accessible to all students in the USF area.

3D Maker Guides

Print3D is a 3D printing organization dedicated to helping people create 3D models and 3D printed objects that are tailored to the customers' vision and needs. Print3D wants to provide customers an easy introduction to 3D printing and promote the emerging field of 3D printing.


Bioadvantics Inc is an engineering consulting firm focused in chemical product design and the product manufacturing process. Bioadvantics Inc has designed nutraceutical products, as well as engineered manufacturing processes relating to nutraceutical and food products.

CC Salsa

CC's Salsa provides consumers with healthy gourmet snacks by offering sustainable all-natural salsas, with no artificial preservatives or byproducts.

Eliza Brands

Eliza Brands - A mexican apparel company dealing with imports and exports.

Fit Body 360

Fit Body 360 Removing the hassle and intimidation from fitness with a personal trainer (a real person) in your pocket. Achieve your health goals with patient, laid-back, yet professional coaching that you can afford and follow on your terms.


FUNDS IT is a place to raise money for your creative and technological ideas. From film projects to technological projects to games to art, and design, FUNDS IT helps people raise money in multiple currencies. Whatever the idea is, dream it, put it out there, and let us help you raise the funds necessary to complete your project.

The Hamper

The Hamper is committed to an easy transition between home and campus life. In keeping with that commitment, there is a Garment Care Program for students. With the availability of Bundled Service (wash n’ fold) and a Campus Cleaners, the program insures efficiency and is available time saver. The Hamper is proud to use the GreenEarth Cleaning technology, the most environmental friendly products in the market with Tide to clean, Clorox to whiten, and Downy to soften. It may just be the smartest thing you register for this year.


Hippo is preventing the contraction of deadly blood-borne illnesses with a puncture-proof medical glove that looks, acts, feels and is disposed of like latex.

Intelemed Technologies

Intelemed Technologies develops wearable, continuous vital-signs monitors for the military and firefighters. Our telemedical solutions also provide decision support for healthcare providers to interoperate with current systems. We design equipment to withstand the harshest conditions where our heroes are expected to operate.

Martell Solutions

Martell Solutions Helping small businesses grow and succeed by providing qualified personnel in the Telecom and IT industries at an affordable rate.

Melting Watch Media

Melting Watch Media exists to help writers with the creative process in starting and completing a manuscript. Creativity can be a messy process. MWM’s purpose is to help writers devise a strategy that helps them organize their ideas while following a customized plan to complete a book that is entertaining, educational,and inspiring for intended readers.


Metabology creates and delivers weekly meal plans for its customer. By using clean, fresh and non processed ingredient the company helps individuals meet their fitness goals through calculated nutrition.


Moiety - Through the removal of bad roommate experiences and the consistent and thoughtful pursuit of positive room-sharing experiences, Moiety provides students and their families with a level of comfort and safety, ensuring they have a successful student career.

Organeko Tan

Organeko is a mineral distribution company, specially focusing on the sales of minerals that help the algae bloom.

RTS Tourism

RTS (Real Tourism Sicily)

Resident Magazine

Resident Magazine has two primary goals of equal importance. One goal is of social responsibility;to bring a greater understanding of various people, events and businesses in the local area to the residents of Wesley Chapel and New Tampa. To create media that matters, that enriches and expands human imagination. The second goal is to make our advertisers money. By advertising with us, they can expect a high ROI. Everything we do with content, layout, size and distribution is strategically and effectively executed to increase the frequency and duration of eyes on ads.

Sense A Life

Sense A Life Through the usage of modern technology such as optical sensors, pressure meters, and mobile application; Sense-a-life is able to alert and remind parents & caregivers to safely remove a child from the car immediately upon leaving the vehicle.

Study Lit

StudyLit, Inc. is a resource that provides literature study guides for teachers and students in order to develop a high level of analytical thinking through a discussion-focused environment. Our mission is to foster an innovative environment to help learners grow in appreciation for literature and apply this new perspective beyond the classroom.

Sugar Sitters

Sugar Sitters - Our goal is to make a positive impact in the lives of people affected by chronic diseases and disabilities.


Uhuru’s goal is to preserve the cultural heritage, promote patriotism, and make positive social changes through creativity and enterprise among internationals in the diaspora, through the most visible way possible — Clothing.

White Pearl Swimwear

White Pearl Swimwear is committed to create fun and comfortable swimwear that is different from the average.


Yasny is a mobile application and the next big thing in social media.

Yummi Empanadas

Yummi Empanadas is a food business located in Parrish, Fl. Our products are made from scratch with a recipe that has been in the family for over four generations. Our appetizers and salsas will give you a new experience that you'll never want to go back from. Yummi Empanadas is committed to supply our customers food products that will increase their revenue by providing to their customers a new, fun and delicious experience. Our appetizers (empanadas) and salsas have a Latin Flair that gears to all kinds of tastes. At Yummi Empanadas We make appetizers fun again!

Class of 2015-2016

3D ProtoEdit

3D ProtoEdit comprises a dedicated team that provides 3D printed tools for enhanced visualization for surgical assistance and educational training.

A Definite Hands Down

A Definite Hands Down is a T-shirt apparel company that focuses on the feeling of victory.

Beautiful Nation

Beautiful Nation is an experiential learning project designed to connect students with Earth and each other. Its mission is to teach and promote global citizenship.

Brainwave Ventures

Brainwave Ventures is a mobile technology company focused on creating user experiences unmatched by providing innovative tools to meet demands in a rapidly changing marketplace.

CC’s Gourmet Products

CC’s Gourmet Products is a gourmet foods product company that makes and distributes high quality food products wholesale to retailers and retail to customers.


ClipCam will be the world’s leader in innovation use of cameras.

FAM Entertainment

FAM Entertainment is an equipment service provider in the audio and visual industry.

Fusion Fit Cuisine

In an attempt to counteract the negative influence fast food restaurants have on society, Fusion Fit Cuisine will provide affordable, organic meals that do not include artificial hormones, antibiotics, GMO’s and life threatening preservatives.

Health Me

Health Me is an online fitness community aimed at connecting users from around the world to receive, create and share valuable fitness and nutritional information. By allowing users to receive health information that fits their specific interests and lifestyle preferences, Health Me increase the likelihood that patients will adhere to diet and exercise regiments.


iACESO WELLNESS (pronounced "E - Asso") is an athletic apparel brand that offers uniquely crafted apparel designed from the telescopic view of biological cell image. With over 14 million Americans who fight over 100 different types of cancerous diseases and millions of Americans battling mental illnesses, iACESO WELLNESS continues to support the fight for healing and encourages strength to those around you.

Lizard Power Systems manufactures portable power systems for emergency response teams.


Medblob promotes business development opportunities through partnership & industry alliances.


MedBreak improves the lives of healthcare workers by providing them with advanced personal protective wear.


Metabology is a rapid food delivery service for university students who desire a healthier alternative to fast food.

Mobile Ad Wrap

Mobile Ad Wrap is a contract marketing business that wraps vehicles.


Moiety is a mobile application service intended to provide the user with an intuitive method of finding roommates for college as well as general property.

Moxie Apps is a mobile application development company offering products for health and entertainment to enhance user’s lives. The apps will actually “know” what the user’s behaviors are, and offer advice, decisions, and predictions that make life easier. The first development product, EazyMenu is a mobile app that allows the user to easily browse restaurant menus according to their dining and dietary preferences.

PGB Apparel

The PGB Apparel's clothing line helps its customers reflect on the positive progression in their life through a powerful slogan "PGB - Progressively Getting Better."

Prasada Spa for Soul

Prasada Spa for Soul is a beautifully designed, centrally located all-in-one holistic health center. The center's members can receive a wide variety of holistic health services, take yoga and fitness classes, have an organic snack and drink, attend inspirational seminars, and delight in the company of other like-minded members of their community- all at an affordable price.

Press One Break Company

Press One Break Company is committed to keeping students safe while they commute to and from class by providing low-cost breaking options for the skate/long board community.

Recreational Bartering

Recreational Bartering is a skill-exchange website and application that allows individuals to trade skills, money, and inspirational in exchange for goods and/or new experiences through local, national, and international network of everyday people. It will do so by matching people who share the same interests in order to easily facilitate interaction and friendship.

Rhyii's mission is to promote beauty, health and wellness by creating quality hair. Rhyii body and skin care products are made with natural, certified organic, chemical-free and vegan ingredients.

Safe Travels

Safe Travels is a mobile application that provides an incentive to automobile drivers to not text or use the internet on their smart phones while driving. The incentive is discounts through our partnered businesses in their local community, online, or anywhere our partnered businesses may be located. Safe Travels hopes to create a safer roadway system for all drivers, but most importantly, potentially prevent serious and fatal injuries caused by texting and driving.

Savage Supplements

Savage Supplements is a mental performance drink containing a proprietary blend consisted of natural neurotropic-plants. This supplement will grant the consumer mental clarity, driven focus, and intense concentration.


Shindeeg is a mobile app that allows its users to use their location to know what events are being promoted around the area.


Sigil hopes to solve the correspondence and feedback problems between company and customer once and for all. Sigil believes the most value in a solution lies in being a destination, where users know they can find any company and companies know they can find their users.

Sugar Sitters

Sugar Sitters provides a specialized babysitting service to families with children who are affected by Type 1 diabetes. All “Sugar Sitters” are carefully selected and trained by our company to offer a high level of understanding and care based on the expectations and needs of these families who require specialized care for their children.

Technology4Life Institute

T4L Institute is an educational service company that delivers and distributes career and technology learning solutions to afterschool providers, nonprofits, school districts, and educational institutions.

Tailored U Academy

Tailored U Academy is a mobile e-learning content development company that specializes in professional development and leadership training for athletes. Its vision is to be recognized as a leader in mobile e-learning professional development content for athletes.

Tampa Tableaux

Tampa Tableaux is a platform for site-specific artistic collaboration and film production.


Tohoyo is a mobile social media site that is designed for communication through voice to provide a natural and positive platform for user interactions.


Unlimited is an American-style Chinese chain restaurant that offers American and Chinese food options. The goal is to provide affordable, high quality food for youths while offering different services such as drive through and snack cars for better food delivery.

Visualflo is a 3D medical model manufacturing company that operates in the growing industry of 3D printing. Visualflo aims to take advantage of the underexposed market segment of 3D medical printing in order to raise the standard for medical care.

WedStem is a website & mobile application which connects those seeking wedding services to preferred vendors and service providers in the wedding industry.


WiredHere is a social media application that connects students with one another to participate in exciting events and philanthropic activities on and off-campus. WiredHere is committed to bringing students together to remove the social stigma of not being part of a particular social circle to experience college lifestyle.

World Imprint specializes in high quality cell phone cases with a large variety of designs and offers customers with personalization options. It is a tool that allows its customers to create their own designs.

Class of 2014-2015

1APPLE Market

1 Apple Grocery exists on the premise that all clients deserve respect, prompt service, and access to nutritious food. 1APPLE MARKET is a family-centered and neighborhood based grocery store located at 502 E Baker St Plant City, FL 33563 next to the Florida Department of Health WIC clinic.

Aquamelon Water is a watermelon based consumer goods company. The flagship prduct is an authentic, naturally light (sugar and calories) and hydrating, bottled watermelon juice product line.

Beautiful Nation Project

The Beautiful Nation Project (BNP) is an experiential learning project designed to connect students with Earth and each other. Its mission is to teach and promote global citizenship.

Delmarva Biofuels

Delmarva Biofuels is a biofuels company that reduces the phosphate and nitrate discharge from chicken manure on broiler chicken farms on the Delmarva Peninsula.

FAM Entertainment

FAM Entertainment is an equipment service provider in the audio and visual industry.

Florida Marine

Florida Marine is an engineering company that has designed a new state of the art rebreather for scuba through it's own unique 3D printing process.


Haboobi is a members-only e-commerce website with flash sales for boutique islamic and modest apparel, cosmetics, and accessories for women.


INOVA is a digital marketing company in Tampa that focuses on social marketing, search marketing, digital video, creative concepts, analytics, email marketing, and mobile marketing.


Makina is an engineering company that provides a proprietary solution to the problem of locating vacant parking spaces within the lots and parking garages of universities.

Mobile Ad Wrap

Mobile Ad Wrap is a contract marketing business that wraps vehicles.

PGB Apparel

PGB Apparel's brand name clothing line helps you reflect the positive progression in your life through our powerful slogan "PGB - Progressively Getting Better."


PikMyKid increases child safety, makes it convenient for parents to schedule pickups, and dramatically reduces costs and provides auditable records to our schools. PikMyKid is not another fancy app, which is nice to have. It is a radical tool which is fundamentally disruptive to how we addressed child safety in schools for decades.


Prayzo, established in 2014, is a technology company that provides cloud-based hydroponic monitoring systems and customized grow plans. We serve small businesses in the Sarasota area, primarily in service industries.


Proscia is a bioinformatics company building digital pathology solutions with a particular focus on oncology.


RIOM is an online decision support system for solar energy industry that offers customized solar project designs using novel data analytics and optimization techniques.

RYB Apparel

RYB Apparel is a fashion design apparel company.

Smart Appliance Technology

Smart Appliance Technology wants to remove the need to look at the back of the box for cooking instructions ever again while cooking your meal thoroughly and without reducing its quality. We are creating a patent pending smart microwave that will automatically cook food at the right setting, warn you about any allergies, and record your nutritional information without you touching a button. Take control of your kitchen!

Spiked Drink Detectors

Spiked Drink Detectors aims to create a product that will be in the form of a nail accessory that will detect the presence of specific date rape chemicals in beverages.

Technology4Life Institute

Technology4Life Institute delivers and distributes technology + life skills learning solutions that empower youth and adults to fulfill their purpose in the 21st-century. Their mission is to empower technology for life in the 21st century.


tidBTC will revolutionize microtransactions, social and monetary, by utilizing temporary QR code tattoos.


Tohoyo is a mobile social media site that is designed for communication through voice to provide a more natural and positive platform for user interactions.

Useful Designs

Useful Designs has developed a fashionable and functional accessory product for consumers that wear ear buds.

Class of 2013-2014 is an interactive website where college students can buy, sell, and trade school supplies, electronics,and many other students right at their college or university at an often discounted or significantly reduced price.

Draeh Studios creates simple, fun, affordable online video games to entertain their customers. They work within their limits, have a strong vision and defend it by staying focused by allowing ideas to emerge into fun, creative games that entertain.

FindMyClass allows users to quickly and easily be guided around their college to the location of their choice through a mobile application. All of the buildings, stadiums, arenas, parking lots, student centers, and on campus dining are eaily searchable on our maps.

Fly Tribes aims to create an online marketplace that features indigenous goods from around the world. Indigenous tribes can directly upload goods for sell. Fly Tribes will partner with tribal foundations to provide indigenous tribes with the technology and online platform needed to successfully make their goods accessible to the global market place.

MedAlign improves lives by lowering the environmental impact and reducing the waste of medical devices and supplies, by aligning excess medical supplies with medical needs around the globe.

One Global Farm will create a global network of sustainable micro-farms for the purpose of providing people and communities around the world with fresh healthy food.

Queen of Nature was created to increase moisture absorption and retention for severely dry hair and dry scalp, promote hair growth, and reduce breakage due to brittle and over processed hair. Queen of Nature is an all natural, 100% organic hair care product line developed for women that maintain the natural texture of their hair without the aid of commercial hair processing chemicals.

Scale Study Models is a business that provides architectural scale study models produced from CAD drawing and 3-D digital renderings of civil infrasture and building structures.

Swap Shop Mobile ( was created by college students for college students with the purpose of minimizing the cost of textbooks. Swap Shop has developed a unique way to minimize the cost of textbooks that avoids the wait time and shipping charges associated with online textbook shopping. Swap Shop users create profiles to add books via ISBN, title, author or barcode scanner to one of two categories, Want List or Have List. The app then uses its GPS system to generate a map with location markers highlighting all of the users who are currently buying, selling or trading the desired books.

TC Venchur provides a medium for the sale of event tickets online, graphic design services for tickets and event photography.

Vascher is a pick-up and delivery laundry service catered to students who live on campus and in nearby student housing. Customers will be provided with two laundry bags (one for darks and one for brights) which they will collect once a week and return within 24 hours.

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