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19B177 - Wide Area Quantitative Phase Microscopy by Spatial Phase Scanning Digital Holography
18A123 - Method and System for Telecommunications with Vectorial Optical Fields
18A121 - Measurement Apparatus of Wavefront and Polarization Profile of Vectorial Optical Fields
18A077 - System and Method of Dynamic Light Source Control
15B142 - Standardized Oral Health Assessment and Scoring Using Digital Imaging
14A089 - Systems and Methods for Performing Quantitative Phase-Contrast Confocal Microscopy
14A082 - MRI-Based Automated Measurement to Evaluate Pelvic Organ Prolapse
13B133 - Augmented Reality for Improved Situational Awareness in Minimally Invasive Surgery
13A051 - Vision based Brain-Computer Interface Systems for Performing Activities of Daily Living
13A029 - Full Color Natural Light Holographic Camera
12A040 - Incoherent Digital Holographic Adaptive Optics
10B110 - Adaptive Optics Ophthalmic Imager Without Wavefront Sensor or Wavefront Corrector
07A054 - Pair of Concave Mirrors for Projecting Non-Inverted Real Images
07A044 - Reconstruction of biometric Image templates Using Match Scores
06B126 - Electrostatically-Addressed MEMS Array System and Method of Use
05A065 - Improvement on the Wavelength Scanning Digital Interference Holography
05A006 - Fabrication of 3-D Ion Optics Assemblies by Metallization of Non-Conductive Substrates
03A024 - 3D Imaging System
02B063 - Phase Imaging Using Multi-Wavelength Digital Holography

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