Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Grant programs which accept only a fixed number of applications or nominations from any given institution

Many funding agencies place limits on the number of letters of intent, proposals or applications that any one university may submit in response to an announcement. In order to prevent any potential disqualification of submissions by the University of South Florida the following guidelines (PDF) have been established.

Finding the Funding Program

Programs will be posted on the Limited Submissions Calendar under the month that the first internal (University of South Florida) deadline occurs. Be sure to check the calendar often; new programs will be added as the information becomes available to us. Note, while we make every effort to list all limited submission programs on this website, programs may exist that are limited but not in our list.

Internal Submissions

The internal letter of intent and internal pre-proposal must be submitted to the Division of Sponsored Research prior to the internal deadline indicated on the Limited Submissions Calendar.

Submitting the Letter of Intent

Anyone wishing to submit a proposal for one of these programs should first complete the Letter of Intent electronic form. The deadline for the internal letter of intent is indicated on the Limited Submissions Calendar.

Submitting the Internal Pre-Proposal

Every applicant must submit an internal pre-proposal prior to the internal deadline on the Limited Submissions Calendar.

This internal pre-proposal should be two to three pages in length. It should summarize the proposed project and describe briefly why the applicant thinks his/her proposal might be successful. It should also include a curriculum vita for each investigator, and a one-page budget. If cost sharing or matching is required, a Letter of Commitment (MS Word) must be included that clearly states who will provide the support, by what means (i.e. salary, meeting space, etc.) and from which operating account.

Participants will be notified on the next business day following the letter of intent deadline about the need for an internal competition to select the allowed number of applications to be sent forward to the funding agency. If the number of participants does not exceed the number of allowable submissions no internal competition will be necessary.

The pre-proposal should be sent to Sponsored Research at

For additional information contact:

Stephanie Rios
Sponsored Research
University of South Florida
Tampa Campus

If Sponsored Research receives more applications than are allowed by the agency, the Research Council will hold an internal competition to determine the proposals that will go forward. Following the internal submission deadline, each applicant will be told if an internal competition will be necessary. Applicants will be notified in approximately two to three weeks from the internal deadline date of the results.

A Management Plan (MS Word) must always be submitted as part of the Pre-Proposal for the NSF Major Instrumental Program (MRI).