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Pharmaceutical Studies
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What is the difference between a pharmaceutical study and any other grant?

The Division of Sponsored Research definition:
"Pharmaceutical Studies are those that involve drugs and/or devices utilized in patient care in a clinical setting, when the major cost to the University relates to the direct delivery of patient care."

Sponsored Research offers the following services for Pharmaceutical Studies?

Your Senior Grant Specialist will . . . .

  • Assistance you in developing your budget
  • Handle the negotiation of the contract between the Sponsor and the University
  • Work with affiliated agencies such as Moffitt and UMSA to process the award
  • Assign a USF account number to the study
  • Monitor the deposit of funds paid by the Sponsor for each study
  • Monitor all monies earned by the study

Please note: All research project awards must go through the Division of Sponsored Research's approval process.


Corinne Walters
Senior Grant Specialist
Phone: 813-974-5096
Internal Medicine, Biochemistry, Neurology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Medical Microbiology & Immunology, Dean's Office (AHEC), Vice President for Health Sciences, Radiology



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