ResearchOne Online Application: Event Calendar / Funding Request Form

Online Application

Complete Part 1, outlining the details of your event. Your event will be posted on USF Research Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, as applicable. If you are also requesting funding for your event, complete Part 2, Funding Request, in addition to Part 1.

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To be considered a ResearchOne event, your event must be related to research and scholarly activity. Your application should specifically state the research component involved, in detail. Please read the entire “ResearchOne” section at before applying for funding. Refer to the examples of eligible events. Instructional events and regular faculty or departmental meetings are not eligible for funding.

PART 1 (Complete both Part 1 and 2 if applying for funding. If only marketing support is requested, complete only Part 1):

(For example, general public, USF colleges or departments, faculty, students, by invitation only, etc.)

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